Wasp Control

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Wasps can pose risks because they will sting when provoked. They leave behind venom that is painful and can result in allergic reactions. Here are some suggestions to help you prevent wasp infestations.

  • Report any wasp nests to your Site Manager immediately. They will deal with the problem themselves or arrange for a pest control operator to come to your property to remove the nest. It is not recommended that you try to remove the nest yourself.
  • Wasps are very protective of their nests, so keep your children and yourself away from the nest.
  • Wasps are attracted by food and water. Keep food and drinks in covered containers when outside. Sweep up crumbs and food particles from your deck or balcony.
  • Clean barbeques and utensils after each use. Do not leave food on these items.
  • Keep your pet's dishes indoors.
  • Eliminate all other food sources. Garbage should be stored in covered containers or disposed of by placing in the garbage bins.

Thank you for your assistance! Site Managers and pest control operators cannot control this problem without your help.

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