Pigeon Control

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Pigeons have been associated with a variety of allergens, bacteria and other health hazards.  The health hazards are higher for people with other health issues.

Problems may arise when pigeons roost on buildings as they fly from ledges and other nesting or roosting areas. Their droppings cause an unsightly mess and may also cause "slip" hazards on walkways and pavements.  They also cause damage due to the highly corrosive nature of acid in the pigeon droppings.  Debris from roosting flocks can build up, causing gutters and drains to block, damage to roofs and other structures, and create potential fire hazards.  They can also nest and or leave a mess on personal items stored on balconies.

Here are some suggestions to help you prevent pigeons and to get rid of them.

  • Pigeons are not pets
  • Remove sources of food and water such as outdoor pet food/water bowls, bird baths and bird food.
  • Never feed pigeons.
  • Keep garbage containers covered or sealed.  Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Remove any pigeon nests with gloves on hands and dispose of them in a plastic bag and place directly in garbage bin.  Pigeon nests are very simple and often consist of a few stiff twigs.
  • Do not sweep up dried pigeon droppings.
  • If you cannot get rid of the pigeons by yourself, call your Site Manager and let them know. They will help deal with the problem themselves or by arranging for a pest control operator to come to your home.


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