Annual Report

It is my privilege to share with you our 2016 Annual Report. It is our hope the information within inspires your continued support as we seek to grow and strengthen Capital Region Housing as an organization that helps people find the way home.

For Capital Region Housing (CRH), 2016 was a year of recognition, reflection and restoration. We recognize the organizations, agencies and the internal team who worked tirelessly to provide our families with more than a roof overhead; we reflect on the opportunities which were presented to improve the well-being of our children and families and the lessons learned for continued operational sustainability; we continue to restore homes, properties and communities through collaboration with industry partners to do more together than we can do alone.

As we look forward, Capital Region Housing, under the guidance of the Board of Directors and with the extensive efforts of staff, is being positioned to address future challenges head-on with a focus on establishing long-term sustainability for the organization and our mandate.

We invite your comments and feedback on the report, and on our programs and activities. In addition, we look forward to continuing our work to develop stronger involvement in and support for a renewed and sustainable affordable housing industry.

I encourage you to peruse the 2016 Annual Report.

Greg Dewling
Chief Executive Officer

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