May 16, 2016

Provincial industry partners, including Capital Region Housing Corporation, the Alberta Residential Landlord Association, the City of Edmonton and Yardi Canada Ltd. have developed a Centralized Housing Registry. The creation of this registry is an integral component of the relocation process and allows for a streamlined and centralized approach to assisting Albertans find accommodation.

For Potential Tenants

The goal of the Centralized Housing Registry is to provide housing options for residents that will be displaced for one to six months.

Contact information

Long Term Housing/Accomodation Needs
(1 to 6 Months)

Non Housing Related Needs

  • Government of Alberta emergency website:
  • Government of Alberta hotline: 310-4455 (In Alberta) or 1-844-406-3276 (Outside Alberta)

For Potential Landlords

The Central Housing Registry provides the opportunity for landlords to list available units and specific details about rental units. Landlords will be able to list incentives and contact information, as well as specifics about the incentives available.

Once landlords post available units, they will be vetted by a provincial representative and subsequently approved/listed, providing the vetting criteria have been met. Only multifamily landlords will be accommodated: personal, unregistered landlord rentals will not be accommodated. Landlords with five (5) units or less or a single room or rooms, should refer listings to other websites which are better suited to accommodate such listings.

The devastating wildfires in Fort McMurray has resulted in the biggest evacuation in Alberta history. Thousands have fled their homes. Some may never be able to return as some of the neighborhoods have been destroyed. The Expo Centre at Northlands has opened up to evacuees, but this is a temporary solution. Living in Alberta we are rarely faced with tragedies of the magnitude we are seeing with the Fort McMurray wildfires. It is devastating, scary and terribly sad and we believe it is important that we help support our fellow Albertans in this dire time.

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